Next Cafés
Penryn: Thurs 2nd May 2024, 6pm to 8 pm
Falmouth: Sun 12th May 2024, 1:30pm to 4pm.

Interested in volunteering? Please get in touch.

1st Thursday of the month, 6-8pm @ Temperance Hall, Penryn.TR10 8BH

2nd Sunday of every month. 1:30-4pm @ Princess Pavilion. TR11 4AR,

Repair cafes are free meeting places and they’re all about repairing things (together). You’ll find knowledgeable volunteers and the tools needed to help you repair your household items for free. Even if something cannot be fixed, It is useful to discover why – Plus there is always coffee and cake!

2024 Upcoming Dates for Princess Pavilion
Sun 12th May. 1:30-4pm
Sun 9th June. 1.30-4pm
Sun 14th July. 1:30-4pm
Sun 11th Aug. 1:30-4pm

2024 Upcoming Dates for Temperance Hall
Thurs 2nd May. 6-8pm
Thurs 6th June. 6-8pm
Thurs 4th July. 6-8pm
Thurs 2nd Aug. 6-8pm

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The Circular Economy

Many things we buy are part of the old Linear economy where natural resources are used to make products and then they are thrown away. Take, make, waste.

A Circular Economy keeps products and materials in use at their highest value for as long as possible, avoiding energy use and waste. Repair is a vital inner loop of the Circular Economy.